Nikmorservice LLC Nikolaev started operating in 2000 when all Ukrainian companies shifted to the market operation conditions. Then the complex of services rendered included the forwarding services and shipping at Nikolaev commercial seaport SE. In its turn such cooperation allowed the port not only develop its infrastructure, but also increase the cargo turnover and increase its profit.
The company entered the new orbit in 2006 when the formation of the stevedore direction was started - the separate structural subdivision was established as a part of the company - the Stevedore company Nikmorservice. Thus, Nikmorservice Nikolaev LLC became the discoverer of the new direction in the private business in Nikolaev Region.
The development of the new type of activity was encouraged by the possibility of the rent contract conclusion with the Nikolaev commercial seaport SE as to the warehouse space and dockside crane. Efficient management, perfect quality of the cargo servicing, full range of services, suggested by the company, allowed attracting great amounts of cargo.
The success of the company operation is based on the concerted and efficient work of the staff, reliability and quality of the services rendered, transparent business activity and open communication with partners.
For the whole history of Nikolaev commercial seaport in 2007 for the first time through the mooring berth on which the company operates, the greatest amount of cargo was transshipped. As of today, the production facilities allow transshipping more than 1 mln tones of cargo per year.

We hope that having chosen our company you will get a reliable and committed partner.

Today Nikmorservice Nikolaev LLC possesses the status of reliable partner, perspective company with the stable development which offers a wide range of services:
Complex of stevedore services:
- load handling along with the transshipment and general works, overseas and transit cargo;
- accounting and documenting, tally;
- placement, warehousing and deck formation, laying, fixation and separation, cargo storage at the warehouses, cargo monitoring with regard to the cargo accepted at the warehouses.

Freight forwarding services:
- organization of works for the transportation, transshipment and storage of cargo. Execution of all necessary documents according to the law of Ukraine and international law;
- quality control and cargo quality.

- full complex servicing of large- and small-tonnage cargo in the river and seaports of Nikolaev Region – at Nikolaev commercial seaport, Oktiabrsk specialised seaport, Dnepr-Bugsky seaport, Nikolaev river port, Nika-Tera company, and in Odessa, Berdiansk, Kerch, and Kherson ports.

Customs Broker services:
- customs clearance services of all types of cargo in compliance with the customs law of Ukraine and norms of the international law.
Rich experience of cooperation with the port, state services, agency and survey companies allow solve any production issues within the shortest time.

The Company was acknowledged “The leader of industry 2008” - fourth in Ukraine on the following categories:

- amount of the marketed commodities;
- work output;
- net profit;
- salary.

With the amounts of works the company made an essential contribution into the work of NMTP which came first at the all-Ukrainian ports competition in the nomination of “Gold tone 2008” - for the greatest amount and best quality of the cargo processed. The cargo turnover of the company in 2008 amounted to above 700 ths. t. In 2009, which was critical for the whole Ukraine, the company managed to achieve higher indexes and transship 858 ths. t. which amounted to 10% from the whole cargo flow in NMTP.

Based on the results of 2009, which was critical for Ukraine, Nikmorservices Nikolaev LLC came tenth in the all-national ratings in the ranking of 300, 000 companies of Ukraine.